我が家で、サーフィン界のレジェンド、出川三千男さんを囲み、東海大学海洋学部時代の友、鷲尾君のちょっと早い慰労、同期会でした。彼は海洋調査船深海や地球丸で海洋観測研究を実施している国立研究開発法人海洋研究開発機構(JAMSTEC)の役員・監査役の任期を今年8月に終えます。彼は学生時代、JAMSTECの研究生として波浪発電の研究をおこない。それを機にJAMSTECに就職しました。当時の私は、気象庁海洋部海上気象課に研究生としてお世話になり、「関東南岸域における沿岸波浪の研究」に携わりました。そのまま気象庁で、台風観測船や南極観測船に乗船し研究者としての道もあったのですが、私は製造業の道で海と関わる事を選びました。我々は学生時代から出川さんに影響を受け、ライフスタイルやサーフィンの楽しみを教えていただきました。当時プロサーファーとして又、サメの世界的研究者として知られた今は亡き、矢野和成君もそのひりとです。「人は楽しい人について行く」その人、出川三千男さんから「人は楽しいからこそ追及したくなる」を学びました。65歳の一つの節目に、ちょっと過去を振り返り、さらなる進化に乾杯 !
It is a "party" of Mr. Washio, a friend of mine when he was a student, centered on Michio Degawa, a legend in the surfing world. In August of this year, the term of director and auditor of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), which conducts ocean observation research on ocean research vessels (Deep sea) and the Cikyou Maru, will end. He studied wave power generation at JAMSTEC when he was a student. After that, he got a job at JAMSTEC. At that time, as a research student, I was conducting "research on coastal waves along the southern coast of the Kanto region" at the Japan Meteorological Agency's Ocean Department. I was able to board a typhoon research ship and an Antarctic research ship at the Japan Meteorological Agency. Although I had a career as a researcher, I chose a job related to the sea in the manufacturing industry. We have been a lover of the ocean and surfing since we were students. Kazunari Yano of Inamura, who was a professional surfer at the time and was known as a world-class shark researcher, is also a classmate of the School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University. We have been influenced by Mr. Degawa since we were students. Mr. Degawa taught us about the fun of surfing. "People follow fun people." Mr. Degawa taught me that "people pursue because they are fun." At a turning point, look back on the past and toast for further evolution!


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